AR Marketing on Social Media

MYFACE is a technological AR House in Metaverse. We are doing AR Marketing on TikTok, Instagram and Snap in cooperation with Influencers.

Marketing Partners
AR campaigns
AR campaigns
Instagram effects use augmented reality to modify your photos or videos. Add interactive elements to the content of your Instagram stories.
Beautiful make-up, funny effects, retro filters and games - these are all visual effects in TikTok, which are overlaid on top of the video to make it even more entertaining.
Snapchat effects are added to a photo or video after it is taken. Try effects on Snapchat by using Lens (e.g. face effects) and the face replacement feature.
WebAR enables AR to work within a browser. WebAR opens up new ways to connect with users by engaging them in extraordinary, interactive experiences.
WHY AR Marketing?

Brand Awareness

AR has a 4x longer view time than video. Get millions organic reach thanks to AR experience.

User Engagement

Grab attention with a branded AR content. Over 2.8 billion users engaged with Instagram Stories, TikToks and Snap Lenses.

Billion Reach

AR gives billions of impressions by being shared by social users, micro influencers & celebrities.

Sales boost

Try on digital clothes, luxury sunglasses or beautiful makeUp and make a purchase

Our team
Dima Shevchenko
CEO & Co-Founder
Julia Krzeminska
Head of Sales
Lukasz Wieszczynski
Business Development Manager
Victoria Suslova
Partnership Manager
Kseniya Halitsyna
Project Manager
Nikolay Shaman
Anton busko
Creative Director
Victor Semenowski
Senior 3D Creator
Vera Telegina
Senior Game Creator
Polina Seredina
Senior Beauty Creator
vadim Inyahin
Digital Manager
Valeria Dobrovolska
3D Creator
Our offices
MyFace has global offices in 6 countries

Warsaw New York Berlin Singapore Mumbai Kyiv

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